Reflective Essay On A Site Trip

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I was fortunate enough to be able to go on a site visit to Miami. My duties consisted of taking detailed notes of what the client described and possible percentages that we could use while developing documentation. The director of the project is phenomenal at making every situation that I was presented with a learning experience. I thought that I would just be taking notes over the course of the three days because I had little knowledge and understanding about the specifics of this client’s day to day activities and the jargon associated with it, but the director was able to find a section that would allow me to ask the client some questions. Naturally, I was overwhelmed at first. I did not just representing myself, I would be representing…show more content…
The anxiety associated with this feat was something that I had never felt before. The Atlanta airport combined with the crowded walkways, the escalators, and the thirty-minute security line was definitely something that I was not prepared for in the slightest. Luckily I found my way to my terminal with time to spare. I enjoyed that I had to rise to meet the various expectations that were presented to me, and it beyond a doubt made me a more confident person. These unannounced expectations made me want to strive to be my best self to not only please my co-workers and superiors but also to ensure that the client trusted what I was doing and the services that I provided them. My internship was something that I could have never imagined. Initially, I thought it would be a situation where I would just do journal entries all day, and I even feared that I would realize that accounting was not for me. Luckily, neither of these were the case. I found something that I thoroughly enjoyed doing and I was beyond eager to prove that I was ready to handle a full-time position. The University of Alabama has prepared me for my internship in ways that I did not expect and I was very grateful for the high expectations that were demanded from me in class so it was easy to translate that into the…show more content…
I did not want to seem ignorant or ask a question that was too simple. Yes, I have heard of the saying, “there is no stupid question,” but I felt like we have all at some point of time heard a stupid question. Before asking a question I made sure to examine everything, maybe take a break and come back to it, google the answer, and even ask another intern. If that did not bring me to a solution, then I would ask for assistance. When asking for help, I made sure to go through all the steps to let my team and those I was working with know that I did put forth an effort to try to solve the answer myself. This technique proved useful since I was able to catch my own error 50% of the time, but I do wonder how much time I wasted relying upon my on knowledge instead of just reaching out for

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