Reflective Essay: My Strong Point In High School

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Coming into this class at the beginning, I thought that it was going to be a breeze, especially since writing was my strong point in high school. Not only was I wrong, but I struggled a whole lot more than I ever thought I would. As the semester progressed, I was able to find ways to make my writing more enjoyable to read by gaining the ability to clearly state my point. Before college, I never understood the importance of using quotes from the text. I felt that if you knew the story well enough, quotes were unnecessary. But boy was I wrong; I learned that quotes solidified my purpose and a point I was trying to make. The importance of using quotes came up when I was writing my first paper, WP1A. At first, it was a struggle writing an analysis because just writing about the topic wasn’t enough. But, adding quotes justified my reasoning and tied…show more content…
The entire semester I was making my essays just summaries, basically just spitting back out the information to the reader in a way that sounded somewhat knowledgeable. When writing this essay, I had to explain the rhetorical device that the writer used and what her purpose was. Without summarizing, I wrote an essay filled with quotes and outside of the box thinking; and with that I received a 95 on my essay. That was more like it…. those are the type of grades I am used to. By understanding what was asked of me, and then go above and beyond those expectations is how I succeed. I still have so much work to do because my goal is to get a 100 on an essay, because I know I am capable of doing that. My main struggles are just trying to explain my thought process on a piece of paper. I am able to think something but I almost find it impossible to write it down in a way that makes sense. But I will figure it out by the end of the semester, because I believe that that skill is imperative in order to succeed not only in English 101 but in life as
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