Reflective Essay : My Experience

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As this term comes to a close, I cannot believe who much I have gained in this course. A vast amount of valuable information has been uncovered in the course and to my surprise more than I taught I would gather. This course in my opinion is one of the foundational blocks that will enhance my overall learning and writing abilities as I move forward to earning my degree. Overall, this course has been a great refresher in improving my writing skills. In this essay I will provide a reflective overview, an assessment of my experience in the writing process. I will provide a detail description of how I have become more aware of what I am writing about and how the overall experience has allowed my writing skills to evolve. I will further explain the writing areas of the writing components needed to produce the proper essay. In addition, you will also provide an analysis of the writing process with examples of how this process assisted the completion of my narrative and persuasive essays. Reflecting upon the past eight weeks my initial fear of not being able to compose a proper thesis was quickly banished. Module one allowed for an easement regarding composing a proper thesis, we first need to brainstorm a topic and that was less complicated than coming up with a thesis. As we continued onward I started to see the formation process. It was like building a house, one would not put up the walls before first building the foundation. At this point I started enjoying the process. In our first module we gained the necessary steps of how to apply organization and structure. This step was important to me as I needed to formulate ideas applicable to my topic. In module two I found I needed more help in comprising the correct the... ... middle of paper ... communicate the ideas clearly? Did it flow well? Upon turning in my final draft there was a level of nervousness, nonetheless, I was pleased with the outcome. Professor Barker has given me great feedback and has boosted my confidence and she stated the following, “You have solid information and you know how to use that evidence and integrate it into your own arguments (which is a challenging skill)!” In conclusion, these past eight weeks, my overall writing process has evolved and I must say I am surprised of how the little details make a world of difference. Upon embarking upon this course, I was sure that it would be an easy one because I love writing. I have learned so much more than expected and as a result, I feel more confident in the process. I am sure as I continue with my program this foundation will be beneficial in aiding my continued success.
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