Reflective Essay In English

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While in class during an essay in high school, my head would start to hurt from the stress, I was always afraid I would write something that sounded like a 1st grader wrote it. I always thought to myself, the sooner this will be done the sooner I can relax. Finishing a 3-page essay in 20 minutes is almost unheard of, but not for me back then. I was a nervous wreck when it came to English just a few years ago. I had zero confidence. I remember always receiving lousy grades on my essays, seeing comments on the side of my paper, written in red pen, saying I was babbling too much about one subject and that I was a disorganized writer. I almost gave up on English altogether. My experience as a writer most of my life was like fighting a losing battle.
After I graduated high school and took a break from English and classes with a lot
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I took a writing development class a few years ago, and my teacher was always so positive. When I needed help with writing, instead of getting a negative comment on my paper, he would show me different ways of changing the essay to make it sound better. After receiving an A in that class I finally knew, English was not my weakness, but my attitude towards English was. Though, I am always nervous on how my writing will turn out. Will the reader like it? Does it make any sense? But, I have a lot more confidence now, than my high school self. A very helpful tool I picked up from the advice from almost everyone I knew was to read books. I hated reading for 23 years of my life, but I decided to give it a try. Now I 'm about to turn 25, I finally started to read novels, focusing usually in the romance category. I feel the way romance novels are written, authors always give so much detail, but not too much that it gets boring. Reading novels give me a good idea what the difference between a good ending is and a bad ending is, as well as, and what good details are and bad details
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