Reflective Essay For College

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Do you realize how much you have learned in just a short few months? Maybe you don’t realize it, but once you reflect about it, you will soon find out that you took more away from school than just a nap or two. It’s not only reading from a textbook and listening to lectures that count, but also the life lessons and preparing yourself yourself for college and starting a career. You might not want to think of high school this way, but it is the stepping stone for college. Through my junior year, I taught myself that there will be things that I don’t like, and with that, you teach yourself to get through it because it is not going to be the last time you are out in a situation like this. You learn to tough it out and get through it. One of these…show more content…
As I would go through every week, pushing the five pages, it slowly got easier. My writing started to turn into the things I wish I would have known going into high school and also just daily things that I learned going through every day. Five pages a week means one page a day, so I was able to sometimes keep a diary of how that certain day went or do a two page rant that I had been waiting to just get out all day. Being forced into these five pages of writing really showed writing a one page reflection essay is easy. Not only does perfection come from practice, but will also help us with college essays and the things we will have to do on a daily basis once we leave high school. As I looked through my old journal pieces, I learned quite a bit about myself. Some days I was very irritated and others where I learned so much of what life…show more content…
One of these lessons being my study habits. Not only am I studying to remember for the quiz or test day, but to also be able to use it in everyday life. Through many of my other classes, I taught myself to be persistent and that hard work does pay off. I t may contain stress, but knowing that I am prepared makes stress bearable. I have grown a person by being more mature and also starting my career early. Being at The Kent Careers Technical Center will help me get a step forward into my career before I am actually in college. The class may be challenging sometimes, but you fight through it and make sure you are successful. Through many changes this year, I have found that I do well with staying organized, but I also found that my study routine should be more steady. I took all the ownership in my learning this year. It makes me happy to say that this school year has been one of my most successful years so far in high
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