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I have never thought that essay writing could be so hard and stressful. However, when I started my first ESL course, which was ESL 263, I was proven wrong. First of all, I didn’t know anything about essay writing. That class was my first experience in English writing. I wanted to drop the class so many times. Essay writing was just so stressful. I remember our instructor telling us that ESL 263 is an easy class compared to ESL 273. Of course that freaked me out. I started questioning myself if I really want to continue studying. Obviously, I kept studying. Nonetheless, I wanted to drop ESL 273 also. I’m glad I stayed in this class because I learned a lot and I can see improvements in my writing. I can say I am ready for ESL 5. As I reflect…show more content…
First time I heard about outlining an essay was in fall quarter when I had to write an essay in my history class. Since I didn’t know anything about it and didn’t want to get a bad grade, I decided to drop the class. After that quarter I started taking ESL classes. Until taking ESL 273 I still didn’t know much about outlining. Right before our first essay writing instructor gave us an example outline. Example outline was there to help me understand what needs to be included in an essay. However, in my first writing assignment I didn’t use the outline that resulted in not so well written essay. Even though I had some good ideas, support was not enough. If I had used an outline, the paper would have been much better. I learned from my mistakes. After that first paper I started using example outline, more for second drafts than the first ones that were done in the class. For example, in my essay “Music Lets Us Move,” there are a lot of organizational issues that are clearly connected to not utilizing essay outline in my in-class writing. At home where I have more time I use the outline. Therefore, second draft is always much better than the first one. Outlining is vital to essay writing and in ESL 273 I’ve learned how to do

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