Reflective Essay About Sexual Abuse

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Diary of Reactions How did I, personally, react to the material presented in the workbook dedicated to recovering from Sexual Abuse? Personally, I, have never gone through any trauma that can be as deeply associated with most types of abuse, and would say that I have lived a good life, over all, so then, how can I react to any of the things presented in the Workbook at all, if not with mild contempt for abusers, or a panging sympathy for the people who have actually had to deal with such themes in their life? It doesn’t really matter to me, it seems, that I have never gone through any type of traumatic experience or trauma in my life, as I, very deeply, felt emotions arise within me over the course of the workbook. Immediately after listening to or reading something particularly disturbing (for me), usually the first place I feel anything before anything new arises is in my stomach, something akin to a branding iron pressed against the soft, untouched organs newly seared with the letters “P-A-I-N” one right after the other, a lump forming thickly at the back of my throat, wet and smoldering, a spreading heat in my chest to ensure that…show more content…
I envisioned and called upon a pink bubble with electricity cascading through its very surface that surrounded me and intensely protected me, and reassured me I was safe. It helped dull out the issue, as well as being presented with it so many times did, I suppose? As long as I was inside of it, I didn’t feel “unsafe” though I was, logically, never in any form of danger, at all. Going through the rest of the workbook and learning other techniques, also had a calming effect on me, I can honestly say at this point I am mildly discomforted at best when presented with these issues, and it’s something I feel I can easily look past and focus on the issues of a client if I were to have one,
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