Reflective Essay About Piano

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Over the Summer I learned a valuable lesson with piano. Many would think it is practice makes perfect, however that is not the case. In my case it is, grow some confidence and be brave. Although I am loud, talkative,and helpful, behind my personality is another face. This face is quiet and shy, for over the years, it grew a glass cage over my heart. It was, and still is, hard to keep in the tears whenever I get yelled at. I get yelled at for not reading the notes right, why I keep messing up, and if I actually practiced during that entire week. I know my teacher, Mrs. Thuy doesn’t mean to hurt me, it’s just how I am. I remember how some weeks I cried after Mrs. Thuy left the room after yelling at me. But this year's auditions is an audition…show more content…
Thuy explains, “They are…” I blanked out after she said that I had five songs. It would be six if you counted the surprise song at the end. The National Guild of Piano Auditions, my bird stayed quiet during the whole piano practice. The brown piano I was sitting on seemed to be saying, “You, have sealed your fate.” As class ended and I was taking my books, Mrs. Thuy told me to practice everyday to memorize my songs. I practiced everyday, it's just that I learn at a slower rate than others. I never had the courage to just tell her face to face what was going on. Minute after Minute, I walked out the door and thought, “Will I pass?”As the days went by, the dreadful auditions came…show more content…
But for some reason, something pushed me and I went through it. The judge was surprisingly kind, nothing that I thought she would be. I played all of my song without messing up, and was able to play the surprise song. When it was over, if I felt brave or courageous during the test, they were all gone. They were replaced with doubt and fear. Suddenly, letters crowded my mind forming sentences saying that I failed and I was not going to pass. The thoughts crowded my mind until the day I received my award. My heart was racing, for my sister had quit a month ago and was worried if I had passed. However, I heard my name being called from and teachers and knew that I had passed. I was relieved, calm, and happy for nothing in my head had become
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