Reflective Essay About Myself

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Typically when someone is asked to write about themselves, their whole face my light up with excitement. Their mind might even start to swirl with ideas and great things to say about themselves. I on the other hand had a lot of difficulty; if anything you can say I got a little bit of anxiety. I am one of those people who can’t think of one good thing about themselves and when i hear it I honestly cannot believe it. In order for me to actually complete this project I knew i had to open up to people more than i would like but i had to stay open minded. When i asked others to give me my best trait i received tons of ideas from family, friends and of course my boyfriend had a lot to say. Out of all the fantastic words and unbelievable things said…show more content…
Though my father struggled quite a lot he never gave up and that gave me motivation to be a better daughter. I went through a phase of deep depression during the beginning. I started to harm myself physically which also hurt me mentally. Stepping up as a sister was one of the hardest things i had ever done and i had no idea how to do it. Yet i was determined. I eventually stopped my self harm and began to be there the way i needed to be. With that being said , everything comes with a price. My school work started to slip to know end, I threw myself into my gymnastics and my family because I felt that was all i needed to worry about. Then once again something terrible happened, I dislocated my knee and stretched my Mcl. Though something i love was taken away from me that was not the part that affected my the most. I was seeing that i could not do anything to help my family, help my siblings. Seeing my father begin to struggle even more with his health and i couldn’t do anything about it. I got so tired of sitting around i did not finish my physical training. I fought through the pain because I knew not matter how much physical pain I was in, that would never be greater than the pain my father mentally felt and had to endure. So once again I put myself aside and did what was best for my…show more content…
My whole mentality did a 180. I lost my grandfather and my now 11 year old sister in a custody battle with my mother. At the age of 14 I viciously had my 7 year old sister yanked out of my arms by a police officer while my mother sat back and enjoyed the show. I would like to say hatred had no part in my new found motivation but I would be lying. At that point in my life i felt low but as always i knew that there was someone who felt worse which was my dad and being the strong person that he is, he hardly let it show. He always assured me everything would be okay but it wasn’t. I stood by and watched my father 's health get worse, narcolepsy is possibly one of the worse disabilities to have with children, better yet young children. So i did what any other caring sibling would do; I dropped out of school and became homeschooled. Is it bad that I have another upsetting to story to go with that? My father was the only one who supported my schooling. I ended up grating early and stepped up so much in my family. Ever since i made certain choices my family stayed afloat and that was all that
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