Reflective Essay About My Father

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In life like many things certain people are very valuable to us, when a child is brought into this world his or her parents lives are changed forever, perhaps making it less theirs and more of their child’s. However, nowadays children fail to realize that before their parents got the role of mom and dad, they had lives of their own. Quite frankly, I believe that most children lack interest in their parent’s lives like their childhood, best moments in life and bucket list things that are fulfilled to this day. Finding out at first what my final research paper for my first college English class was an exciting moment knowing it would be writing about my father’s life, a man, filled with experiences and stories to tell. My father is always hardworking…show more content…
Thirty years later, my father’s eye’s still teared up perhaps from both his father’s sickness and the ending of his educational career. He had no choice but to drop out and start taking up all the responsibilities. His strongest statement at this moment was, son it was at this point I realized I was no longer a boy and had become a man, who had to take care of his parents and their farm that had been passed down from generation to generation.
He added at this point in life he didn 't know how much this would affect him, sure at that time he felt sad, depressed and exhausted from all he responsibility that had been thrown on him. For a couple of years all he did was question life, was he living for himself or others, he no longer had interests, hobbies and it was this point in his life where he was isolated from about everything that existed. Hearing my fathers’s response made me not only emotional but yet thankful for everything I
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