Reflective Essay About Hard Work

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s a human, I am bound to experience a life that is full of hardships and obstacles. Throughout my life, I realized that school caused the majority of these problems. One of the most crucial things we were taught as children was to work really hard, paying off later in our lives. I always wondered about this advice. Since my young mind was always curious, I tended to wander from the importance of hard work. When I progressed through different levels of education, life-changing occasions taught me the true reason why we were taught to work hard. When we were children we were all geared towards an ultimate goal in life.Quite often, this goal was to pursue a very bright and successful future. Typically, children envision very unrealistic careers…show more content…
We knew that we wanted to be something we were passionate towards. I also knew that these jobs were not going to be easy to achieve. Along this road to success were many obstacles that would ultimately test my determination and my mental dedication for a good…show more content…
It was at this point, I gained some momentum on the project. I had the task of completing such a large amount of work that doubt still lingered in my mind. Then through some sort of a miracle, I managed to complete the project in time and received an excellent grade on it. The amount of relief that I had once it was all over was indescribable. I promised myself that I would make better choices next time if an assignment like this were to happen again.This experience taught me that hard work is not something to take advantage of. It taught me to supress my complacency so that I could all the more be proficient in my studies. Moreover, this was one obstacle that allowed me to determine whether I gave importance to the advice I was taught in my childhood.. Therefore, I will make better decisions to have a great and happy
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