Reflective Essay About English Class

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English class in high school used to be one of the classes I dreaded the most. From discussions to numerous essays that we were required to participate in, I disliked it all. Don’t get me wrong, the subject of English itself is something that I enjoy--the teachers however are a different story. I would have to say that my first semester of college English was a major turning point for my love-hate relationship of this class. Over these few months I have grown as a writer and learned new and useful skills for the future. I appreciate the fact that my professor was not overly judgmental and off-putting while starting out in this class. This allowed me to ease into my first semester of college and taught me to grow as a writer. As far as learning new things goes, I have noticed a measurable difference in my ability to read and evaluate texts. I have gained a new interest in reading due to the fact that it was one of the main components of this course. Reading all of the handouts and student essays helped me distinguish the difference between important aspects of the paper from useless…show more content…
I have always loved to create new papers and express myself through writing and I have noticed a significant change in my writing style. Over the fifteen weeks of being in English 110, I have learned to write for a purpose. I used to write in circles, meaning that I would repeat the same ideas and thoughts by just rewording them multiple times, but I have learned how to get straight to the point and making my opinions and thoughts clear. I had many bad habits throughout my high school career as far as writing goes and I think taking this class helped me break those habits. I also learned how to write a rhetorical analysis which I had never done previous to this class which makes me feel confident that I can write whatever is asked of me, as long as I have the chance to utilize my
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