Reflective Essay About Dance

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I would not say I am the best dancer you will ever meet. In fact, I would make a fool out of myself if I were to “bust a groove” in public. Nevertheless, whenever I hear the rhythm and melody of a song, I transport to a distant realm in which I do not have to be anybody else aside from my typical, quirky self. My familiarity with music reminds me of who I am and how I interact with the world. It is music, what I gained from it, and the ability to express myself without sacrificing authenticity which makes me the happiest. Initially, I was incapable of expressing myself in 8th Grade. I observed my new school as it soared in the skyline and urged my dad to drive around the perimeter so I could comprehend how colossal it was. Its size evoked anxiety,…show more content…
On a whim, I trudged towards the sheet, suppressing negative thoughts about who I was or what I was about to do. With this faint rekindling of hope, I wrote my information and attended the meeting the following week. Once there, the director took count of the number of students and instruments they played, suggesting students try out low-brass instruments to support the melody. Always being one who appreciated new experiences, I volunteered for this—the issue being I did not know how to play any brass instruments. I played the saxophone for a brief time when I was younger, but the skill eluded me. Once I explained this, the director ensured the few requirements to join were commitment and the capability of learning the baritone-saxophone, an instrument which combined the low-brass sound and the structure of a…show more content…
But unlike the chaotic atmosphere of the classroom, what I discovered in music created harmony and structure within my life. It was apparent to the more experienced students I did not know how to assemble my saxophone, yet being greeted with assistance and taught how to do it by two other players. Additionally, if I needed to ask a question, I could receive an answer with ease. I was never ignored or disliked for not knowing what to do and I was not afraid to pursue this path because I was able to experience it knowing of my acceptance regardless of background. In time, I came to enjoy the concepts of music and how they interacted with one another. It enlightened me to be with others and enjoy myself as well as appreciate the significance of music in everyone’s lives and cultures. Eventually, I thrived with the awareness of what music was capable of and how it brought me with students who did not harass me because of my sexuality or

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