Reflective Essay About An Interview

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My interview actually went really well. I do like some things that I did for this interview but I also dislike some of the things I did and there are many changes I wish I had done now that the actual interview is now over. I found myself critiquing myself while listening to the recording and transcribing what I said. Overall, yes, I did get the main ideas of her opinions but I didn’t ask very good questions and I also made a couple rookie mistakes when doing this interview. I did the reading before the interview, and I read the interview material once more after the interview and I found myself not doing some of the things that the reading said to do. I 'll start with the things I did wrong in this interview. First off, I wished I didn’t write down my questions honestly. Having written questions felt like I was going off topic too much. It almost felt like a script because I directly read the questions and it just felt unnatural. The conversation didn 't really seem to flow well because the questions I chose. If I did redo the interview I probably…show more content…
The interviewee and I both felt very comfortable, I didn’t sense much distress until I got to the controversial topics, which is great. Both parties should be comfortable when it comes to an interview. Also, although I did wait long periods before talking sometimes and I also cut her off once, I do feel like I did get a decent amount of information from her. I also asked open-ended questions too. I actually didn’t ask any leading questions in this interview which is why I got such lengthy answers from her but I did compound some questions which I wouldn 't do next time because the trend seems to be that she would respond to the last question I asked instead of acknowledging everything I said. Another thing I feel that I did well was listening. I did not talk very much, she did the talking for about ¾ of the interview which is
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