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I am beginning my sophomore year in high school with only two years to go until I become an adult. It gives me a strange feeling of inevitable pressure mixed with an underlying sense of begrudging acceptance. 2016 has been a year of immense change and has left me feeling as if I’ve mentally aged five years. There has never been such a year where I’ve learned or discovered so much about myself in my entire fifteen years. It was a year of intense self learning that had its positive and negative effects allowing myself to see my flaws in a new light. Music has undoubtedly positively influenced me to become the person I am presently. I discovered the world of kpop (Korean Pop) where lies a difficult sense of tolerance for the lack of maturity…show more content…
There’s never been a moment of absolute confidence when I submit my essays and the days following them are filled with worry and constant dread of the resulting grade. I have no confidence in my writing and the way I write; it is very inconsistent, disorganized, and redundant. I often have trouble organizing my thoughts; since I have yet to have an English teacher that gave me proper constructive criticism, my writing has yet to exhibit progress that I am conscious of. I am motivated to better my writing technique and be able to write at a quicker pace. Reading is an enjoyable pastime that contain identifiable moments with the characters within the novel; however, sometimes I don’t particularly enjoy writing essays about my analyzations. But with this feeling of displeasure also comes with a feeling of satisfaction when I succeed in writing an essay that I’m contented with. Therefore, a goal of mine for English class is to become an improved writer and an exceptional thinker as well. When we do have class discussions on a novel, my fear of talking to the class in a discussion typesetting unsettles me to the point where I do not open my mouth once. Although I am not distressed at the prospect of speaking in front of the class since my material was prepared and practiced but in a discussion, there are no guideline questions to follow so you are required…show more content…
High school is only a four short but long years of our lives, but I will make do with them as they are my last years of being a child. My goals in high school are practical and the common goals of many high schoolers; for example, obtaining my driver’s license and getting a part time job to gain the experience that will be useful in the future. Developing my interpersonal skills is also an important goal for me as having a network of contacts is a crucial necessity when looking for a job and as an adult. Being that I am introverted, slowly transitioning into an ambivert by learning to comfortably speak with others is a small step to becoming a widely connected person that will greatly benefit me in the future. Your first concern should always be your health and happiness. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle as a high school student should involve sleeping a minimum six hours a night, staying hydrated with water, having at least three meals a day, and thinking of yourself and your emotional and mental state. Being surrounded by toxic “friends” may cause for your emotional state to deteriorate and can affect your grades as well. Achieving a good score on the SAT or ACT is also a goal I hope to achieve. As I am taking Spanish one this year and two next year, to be able to speak at an
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