Reflections on Learning

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Discoveries Through Learning I came into the program knowledgeable on the complex intricacies of sexual interactions and sexuality because of my own independent research on the topic. I had never, however, learned the basics of sexuality. In my undergraduate and graduate programs, the students in liberal arts majors were prohibited from taking human sexuality courses due to the overwhelming number of science students that needed the course as a pre-requisite. My English Education degree, unfortunately, did not afford me the opportunity to delve into my passion. Thankfully, HSED 592 gave me the proper introduction to human sexuality by teaching basic anatomy and providing a sexuality lens. One of the pieces of simple sexual anatomy is the name for the female genitalia. I had always referred to the vulva as the “vagina” which I learned during the first day of class was wrong. The monikers activity, an activity set-up as a round robin consisting of brainstorming synonyms and nicknames for sexually related words, opened my eyes to the difference between vulva and vagina (D Dyson, HSED 592 activity, September 4, 2010). Dr. Dyson explained to the class the misnomer surrounding female genitalia and how it is deeply entrenched in our culture. Even the textbook states the fact, “People often use the word ‘vagina’ when they are actually referring to the vulva” (Yarber, Sayad & Strong, 2010). Now that I’m aware of this misinformation, I want to overzealously correct everyone I hear as well as hypercritically edit my statements. Turning Point in the Program The Human Sexuality department at Widener University is set up with an affective-teaching model, which I knew prior to enrolling. In my previous graduate program, I w... ... middle of paper ... ...592c_Fall_2010_syllabus. 1-2. Elson, R. (Producer), & Finch, D. &. Marovitch, M. (Directors). (2002). When Two Won’t Do [Motion picture]. Canada: Galafilm Productions. Gainor, K. (2010, September 23). Reaction to Vulva Workshop Video [Msg. 3]. Message posted to Maulding, R. (2010a). From Barbies to Bondage: The Circles of My Sexual History. 2-3. Maulding, R. (2010b, September 23). Reaction to Vulva Workshop Video [Msg. 1]. Message posted to Maulding, R. (2010c). Learning Objectives. 1-2. Yarber, W. L., Sayad, B. W., & Strong, B. (2010). Human Sexuality: Diversity in Contemporary America. (7th ed.). New York City: McGraw-Hill.

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