Reflection on Home on the Range Class

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Throughout this class I have learned more than I thought that I would. Not being from a ranch or farm, this class did not seem to pertain to me, but was the only one that I could fit. As the class began, I took a likening to the class atmosphere and the discussions that we had. In the discussions, everyone’s opinion was valued and the atmosphere allowed you to feel comfortable saying what you felt and while learning things, I also enjoyed the social aspect of the class. It was an important realization for me that just because I don’t come from a ranch or farm, learning about Home on the Range is important in becoming well rounded, no matter my major I am studying, also, it is my state’s history, which is important to know. The first thing I would like to talk about is how we read Buffalo for the Brokenheart. I really enjoyed the book and, although I am not sure buffalo are necessarily better than cattle, I liked the idea of preserving wildlife rather than just using the land for profit until it was barren. The majority of people are always going to take what they want and not care for the land or the animals that inhabit it, and that does make me angry. This, of course, brought us into extended discussion about re-wilding, buffalo versus cattle, and prairie grasses. These each taught me many things I did not know. The process of re-wilding had never occurred to me. Bringing back similar animals to the ones that were in North America many years ago just for the sake of having them back where they came from struck me as a bit of a crazy idea. It was definitely something to think about, however. Even though it would be amazing to see those animals living wild in North America, I have to disagree with it. I think that it would be dang... ... middle of paper ... ...tually benefited me a lot more than I ever thought it would. It taught me several things about my home that I never knew before and had never cared to know before. Now that I do know, I cannot understand why it was not a bigger priority to me before. I learned about the animals of the plains and how they have come and go and the species we see will forever change by being introduced or extinct. I also learned about the plants on the plains and how they are not near what they used to be and that invasive species have taken over. The thing I learned that I think interested me most was the life on the Great Plains and how people survived through all of the harshness the range brings. This class has made it a lot easier to see the beauty in the plains and not just a flat area full of corn. There is so much more to the range and I am happy that I can now appreciate that.

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