Reflection To Becoming A Writer

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Reflection During this term I felt that I have progressed a lot as a writer. I wrote three different types of stories that I have never written before including an argument paper, a literacy narrative and an analysis essay. I enjoyed the creative freedom given to me allowing me to choose topics that I enjoy writing about but, also being given clear goals to accomplish in the assignments that were assigned.
Throughout this term there were multiple times where we had to accurately read and respond, in discussion and writing. This came very naturally to me as reading comprehension is one of my strong suits. I particularly enjoyed when we had to read “Superman and Me” by Sherman Alexie, then discuss as a class the varying details and meanings
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There were a couple of essays that we had to right this term that required a thesis and I have not been happy with what I have written. It is something that I will need to work on in order to become a better writer. Being able to structure my writing is one of my stronger abilities as a writer which I feel is clearly displayed in my story “Books, War, Videogames”. In this story I start off with explaining what type of books I enjoyed when I was little up to now and clearly describe my journey through video games as I have gotten older. In my story “Building My Own PC”, I state “computers are something that I am passionate about and by buying the necessary parts you are helping me express that passion into building something that I can use and enjoy for years to come”. In other words, my family buying me the parts to build a computer they are enabling me to do what I love. Also, in this story I show that I can locate sources and information relating to the topic that I am writing about. For example, I use an article form Loyd Case called “Top Ten Factors for Choosing a Gaming PC” where he explains what the decisive parts of a gaming computer are. My participation in class this term was not…show more content…
It is not even trying to create a hook sentence to suck you in to my writing or a solid thesis that will set up the rest of the essay. But, it is just trying to get my brain into writing mode and what I mean by that is once I am able to put a couple of sentences down I can focus on what I am writing. That is when the sentences will just seem to start forming themselves without having to really focus on the structure and flow of each line. Of course, there will be times where I might have to go back and read over my paragraph to adjust the grammar or add a sentence to make sure it flows well. But, I have learned during this term that when I am stuck and unable to get the initial sentences down on paper that I just need to write. Instead of sitting at my desk stressing about how to start my essay. I have to force myself to write about anything, it does not have to make sense while I am writing it just getting those initial words down will get my creative juices flowing into something