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April 17, 2014 - On the morning of April 17, 2014, I arrived to work and had just parked my vehicle. I saw Ms. Renee Thompson, out in the parking lot on her morning break and she approached me. As I was removing my laptop and other items from the car I looked up and noticed Frank Wright in the window looking down at the parking area. I told Ms. Thompson, that I had a bad feeling about him staring down at us until we walked into the building. I entered the building and went to my office to put down my things and start my day. April 21, 2014 - I received an email from Mr. Mike Van Dongen, addressed to DESC Remote which was all of the Quality team whom I am associated with and since I was the only person that was forward from command staff concerning any DLA employees parking in the GSA parking slots, because on two slots were assigned to DLA energy #20…show more content…
One of my co-workers motioned for me to come back in the door to look toward a slide stating the new parking rules for our office building. This made me feel very uncomfortable, because I felt as all eyes were on me. The commander, made many intimidating directed comments towards me such as,” that people who are friends with the Federal Police still had no right to park in the slots even if they were friends of them.” Commander Ross stated, that he had contacted the commander of the Federal Police on this matter and that someone caught or reported parking in their slots would face serious consequences for violations if reported to the DLA office. I am the only person the federal police have allowed to use of their many vacant slots whenever they were not needed, or parking was limited and this is the second time that I have encountered this type of harassment about parking. This was a little extreme and threatening towards me, and I immediately got a slight panic attack as he started pointing to each corner of the room asking “Did
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