Reflection Paper On Women And Women

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So when we are being raised we are taught that this is what life is about marriage a man has to choose you as his wife and take care of you so but he must possess certain qualities being able to lead and provide for the family, be independent. This was dating back from many centuries ago even if a male was able to give the father of the young lady either money or some sort of live stalk he was able to wed the daughter. So as this is embedded over time and centuries it is easy to see how these stereotypes were formed and in many cases still exist however in other cultures these requirements are different but it still remains that the man is seen as the stronger person. But in today’s society women are proving themselves to be just as strong…show more content…
I think that the author should have explored a bit more as to why this is accepted from women more than it is from men. I know for me personally it is more of a comfort thing I feel less threatened when interacting with a woman in close proximity or even holding a simple conversation. I know I have a habit of touching others when I am having a conversation with them whether it be male or female but it also depends on how familiar I am with this individual. I do feel that there is a difference because of culture some time ago I visited a mosque I did not know the customs at all but I noticed that no male would touch my hand or look at me in the face. After a while one of the gentle must have seen my confusion and he came over and explained it’s not that men are afraid or anything like that or trying to be disrespectful but it is actually out of respect for the women if she is not your wife to not touch or her look a person directly in the face it is seen as…show more content…
I do believe culture affects this however I feel that more than anything it is the aspect of being familiar with someone will affect how you communicate with them the gender plays a part in it all I can agree with that however I do not think it is safe to say that in general men and women both act a certain way when communicating. Another aspect which was talked about in our book is that of gender and those roles that each gender play in different cultures. I find it intriguing that many of these things seem to be true across culture the woman is seen as the nurturer, care giver, cook food and essentially take care of the whole house while the male goes out and works to provide for and take care of the

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