Reflection Paper On Volunteering

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Volunteer Reflective Paper Trying new things is significant to me because it allows me to learn from different experiences. I have obtained many valuable experiences while trying different things. During the past few weeks, I have learned a lot while volunteering for the Asian Health and Services Center (AHSC) as a front desk receptionist and an interpreter. The AHSC is a non-profit organization which is willing to help people who are lack of English language skills to improve their health care quality and get more involved with the local community. Particularly, most of their clients are elderly. According to their statistical report, during 1999-2012, 59% of the clients were over the age of 50, and 40% of them are over the age of 60. In addition, only 3% of their clients were able to speak English. (AHSC, 2012) As a first generation immigrant, I understand that it is difficult to get adapted to a new environment due to the language barrier, especially for elderly who do not have any English skills. People who are lack of language skills are not able to get things done alone, thus, they have to seek help in…show more content…
I have learned that willingness to change is a fundamental key to lead since nothing would be changed if no one wants to make changes. The AHSC is willing to make changes, therefore, they are able to assist people who need their help. And being aware of what their clients need is indispensable because knowing what other people need is the first step to identify the common purpose. However, controversy is inevitable while collaborating with others since each individual has a different point of view. Therefore, listening to others patiently and civilly helps us to reduce controversy, and being a good listener is important to each leader. For the AHSC, being able to work with their clients reflects the concept of
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