Reflection Paper On The Ultimate Battle

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The Ultimate Battle The most perplexing question of the human race has often been left unanswered. It is a question so complex, yet it is only three simple words: what is life? Scientifically speaking, life is described as the precedence to death (Merriam-Webster).How does that make you feel? Knowing that everyday we come closer to our impending and certain death. I’m sure most of you think of life as the main event, not simply the pathway to death. As humans, we have the tendency to want to control the things we can 't, and look over the things we can. When we think of death, we think of a terrible thing, the ending of life, and something we have absolutely no control over. But what if we did. What if there was a way to control how…show more content…
They are trying to make decisions and plans for their families. They are fighting against an incurable diagnosis, with zero weapons at their disposal. They are wrestling with their own mortality. They shouldn 't also have to fight a system that has promised to protect them, but instead has predetermined one of the few choices they have left. So let me ask you again. What is life? What does your version of life look like? It should mean having the ability to make your own choices. It should mean asking the tough questions. It should mean answering them even when you think you can’t. That’s where you start. Start by asking yourself what you would want if, heaven forbid, you found yourself faced with a terminal illness. Start by thinking of those whom you care most about. What choices would you want available to them if they were facing that same fate? Then, do something. Contact the Missouri state legislators; let them know that we must be among those states that offer Physician Assisted Suicide as an option. Make them realize that the terminally ill should not be hopelessly suffering. Make them realize that they need to make a change. Make them realize that they can fight the battle to legalize Physician Assisted Suicide alongside the terminally ill. Make them realize that this battle can end in a victory with their help. We must come to realize that life is made up of more than just a beating heart. Our government has promised us the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but what kind of life is one left with if it consists of immense pain. How can one pursue happiness in the face of tremendous suffering? Shouldn’t we all have at least the power to answer these questions on our own terms? This is the ultimate fight for independence. So grab your weapons and fall in line, because today we fight to
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