Reflection Paper On The Course Of The Semester

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Over the course of the semester, I have learned to apply crucial aspects of writing to my papers. For example, prior to this class I did not know how to brainstorm I would start writing without jotting down the main points of my essay or what I was going to write about. Throughout this semester I have been focusing on brainstorming first and it has helped me so much. In the beginning, I would not do this and I can tell from the quality of my first essays to my essays now, how much brainstorming has improved the level of my work. I now think of the main points I want to write about, and then about the sub points for each main point. I will write these down as I am thinking about it and then organize them into an order that makes the most sense and flows. Also, I now heavily focus my time on revising and proofreading my essays before submission. Prior to this term, I would write my essays, but then never go back and revise them. Rather, I would use the spell check tool on Microsoft Word document and then turn it in without any further revision. Currently, I am taking a great deal more time on the reviewing and revision procedure of the writing process. I will read my papers multiple times, out loud and in my head, until it sounds fluent and is free from any grammatical or structural errors. I feel that I have met the stated course outcomes for the class. In particular, the fourth one, which is being able to use multiple drafts and peer review to improve my own texts. I feel as I have met this course outcome for I will write my essay and then tweak it on my own and also after peer review sessions. I will take all the feedback I get from the review sessions and work it into my essay. I also will print out a draft for each paper, bec... ... middle of paper ... ...g on campus. I added detail to the environment of the restaurant and also to the quality of the food because my paper was lacking in that department. This helped make my argument more convincing and strengthened my overall paper. I included ways that they could improve to bring together the top things that could be changed that would lead to the café being more enjoyable for everyone. In summation, I make the following conclusions about my writing as a whole: I have learned to better prepare my self for my writings through brainstorming and drafting an outline. As well as being able to revise and edit my papers appropriately until complete. Finally, I learned crucial skills in analyzing others works and being able to interpret them. Please find attached to this letter the revised version of my rhetorical analysis essay, critical summary #1, and critical summary #2.
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