Reflection Paper On Stress Management

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REFLECTION PAPER During the course of this class, I have learned a lot about stress and how it affects different aspects of our lives as human beings. Stress management to me refers to the different techniques and other controlling factors that helps regulate or control a person’s level of stress, in other to improve their everyday functioning. The key concepts that has impacted me so far in the course are as follow; MINDFULNESS: According to (Olpin & Hesson , 2015, p. 99) “Mindfulness is commonly defined as the state of being attentive to and aware of what is taking place in the present. Mindfulness is the process of cultivating appreciation for the fullness of each moment we are alive. It is present-moment awareness.” Mindfulness is the awareness that comes about through paying attention on purpose in the present moment, and trying to do it without judgment. Being mindful especially in class is when we tone out all other distractions, and decide to pay attention to the present event. It is very hard to pay attention to a particular happening, when people are distracted, the lose cognitive focus and at that point they miss out on the most important aspects of life. TIME MANAGEMENT: This can be the ability to use our time more effectively in other to achieve productivity in our daily lives especially our work. Learning to organize your time into segments in other to plan specific activities to match our time. If time is properly managed, we as humans can achieve more and be very productive. The main reason why people are usually stressed out, with work or meeting up with activities, is because they do not effectively manage their time. Proper planning can help reduce stress and help create a more productive day. EMOTIONAL REGULATI... ... middle of paper ... ...important to know your capabilities, learn from it and then grow. During our classes and discussions, we spoke a lot about managing stress. After all I have discovered, I will say that I have to learn to apply time management more into my life and behavior. It plays a big role in developing cognition and improving the qualities of our activities. If time management is well managed and practiced, it will increase eustress, increase my emotional regulation, and give time for rest. If the body is well rested, it will improve my cognition and reduce the changes of falling into distress or illness like anxiety, depression, or general body pain. Overall I have leant a lot from this course and this assignment and I know that it will impact everything I do from this time forward. I now understand my self and will work to keep myself in check and live a more qualifying life.
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