Reflection Paper On Spiritual Formation

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When I first started this Spiritual Formation class I realized I had little faith in God. If someone would speak their beliefs, I would sometimes doubt my own beliefs. This doubt is where the spiritual formation plan comes in handy. I feel like the spiritual formation plan is my positive mantra that I can read every day. It like me customizing my own pair of shoes. My plan at first was to read the scripture. I feel like reading the scriptures was a way I could get the answers to my life. The second step was I was going to pray every day. I believe prayer is a time where I could be vulnerable with God because I know he will always look out for me in life. I feel like there are mean people in this world and sometimes people will see vulnerability as a weakness. The good thing about prayer is I can tell God my deepest fear about life or express my concerns. The next thing, I was going to do was mediate. I feel like I have undervalued mediating. Since I have anxieties, I feel like meditating will give me peace in my life. I am getting in touch with my inner self. The next step is fasting, I feel like when a person is fasting he or she can ask questions. I recalled when Mohandas Gandhi
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I felt like these are the areas that I really needed to improve on in my life. I had to sit down and be honest with myself about the areas in my life that needed changing. This concept is my own map to my life. I feel like now I am sitting back and reflecting on my life. One of the things I am aware of is sitting down and being thankful for what I have in life and less on the things that I desire to get in my life. For example, I may not have my own care for now but I am surrounded by love. I feel like practices acts of gratitude towards everything I do in life makes me feel thankful for the smallest things. I have realized that when I have been grateful for little things the issues that are bad seems less

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