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I could feel my heart pounding out of my chest as I walked over to where I would perform my solo. My accompanist, Helen Griffin, nodded her head and smiled at me in assurance that we would sound great. I smiled back, and gained confidence that the solo would indeed be wonderful. The judge acknowledged me, and I stated my name and the title of the piece. After taking a few deep breaths, I raised the instrument to my mouth and began to play. On Friday afternoon, my Dad and I decided to change our plans from the past three years. Originally, we drove up to Emporia early Saturday morning for the State Solo Festival at the high school. After performing the solo and seeing the rating a couple of hours later, he and I ate at Montana Mike’s. Once the delicious meal of a burger and fries was consumed, we drove back home. This year to hopefully change my fortunes at the festival, we left Friday afternoon and ate at Montana Mike’s that night. In order to stay the night in Emporia, he found a small, drab motel close to the high school to stay at. After getting…show more content…
I held the notable task of playing a solo and being part of the Woodwind Quintet for back-to-back performances. One of my quintet members insisted on spending equal amounts of time perfecting both my solo and the quintet’s piece. I ignored the statement because I wanted to ensure that the solo would get a one, and I was comfortable with the quintet number. When the time came for the recitals, we all headed to the same room. The clarinet quartet performed first at eight o’ clock with my time slot after them. After preparing myself mentally and spiritually, I was ready to perform my solo. A super important factor in my preparation was determination. Because it was my senior year, I was motivated to perform at a high level in order to guarantee that elusive one

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