Reflection Paper On Self Reflection

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Self-reflection may be defined as meditation or serious though about one’s character, actions, and motives (Oxford Dictionaries). I personally would add that self-reflection is the capacity to contemplate on past experiences in order to establish our core motives, values and beliefs. Self-Reflection is essential if a person wants to grow, for the reason that we learn by past experiences and mistakes. However, unless we truly question ourselves about what are motives were and experience’s mean in addition to thinking actively about them, we will not make any changes. The ability to self-reflect enables the person to move from just experiencing to understanding. Although the act of self-reflecting is difficult, it is essential to grow as a person.…show more content…
I will never forget these important life lessons that soccer has taught me. They have made me a better person and shaped me into the person that I am today. One of the most import lessons learned was success requires hard work. In the first few weeks of playing for a local club, it was evident that if I wanted to play I had to work to achieve the opportunity. The privilege to play in a game was not going to be simply handed to me. Every practice, I worked hard to improve on my weaknesses and become an overall a better player. It was not long until my hard work, soon I was in placed in charge of the defense during games. I was trusted to make sure that every had someone to guard and everyone was paying attention. Time management was another import lesson that I learned. Being a student an athlete taught me how to balance your time between classes and soccer. I was told numerous times by my coach that I was a student before anything else. I learned that I had to make sacrifices in order to maintain a good GPA while being successful on the field. Tough losses taught me so much about being a good person in general. It taught me to be humble and respectful on the field no matter the outcome of the game. There is no need to flaunt your success in someone’s face, because someday it might be you on the other side of success. Perseverance was another lesson learned that has helped me in my academic success. Mistakes are bound to occur at some point in your life. But it is how you react to those failures and mistakes that will define you. Whether it be after a tough loss, or an embarrassing mistake. You can either let yourself down, but I believe that you should take it as a lesson and move on as a better
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