Reflection Paper On Self Analysis

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Understanding yourself through self-analysis is essential to success in the workplace. One must have a firm grasp of who they are as a person, and how best they work with others for them to be able to achieve their goals in their career. Achievement is not determined by what your personality is, but on how you use your specific strengths to your advantage at work. Managers and executives especially must understand how they best work so that they can be effective leaders; they must motivate and inspire their team to accomplish their best as well. For my self-analysis, I took the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Big Five Personality Test, Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire, and The Blake and Mouton Managerial Grid Leadership Self-Assessment…show more content…
Extraversion, as discussed earlier, measures a person’s sociability. I scored a 12 out of 40 on extraversion, which indicates that I am introverted. Agreeableness measures attributes such as trust, altruism and kindness. I scored in the middle on the agreeableness spectrum with a 21 out of 40; scoring in the middle suggests that I am somewhat interested in other people and their feelings. This score also suggests that I can sometimes insult and belittle others, which I do not believe to be true. Conscientiousness measures the extent to which one relies on structure and organization. I scored a 16 out of 40 on the conscientiousness continuum, meaning that I somewhat dislike structure and schedules. Being in the middle of the continuum also means that I sometimes spend time preparing and paying attention to details. I think this accurately represents me because while I have a set schedule, I can be flexible and messy at times. Neuroticism measures emotional resilience and control. For neuroticism, I scored a 22 out of 40. I do experience stress and worry about work both in and out of the office. I scored a 22 out of 40 on openness to experience, meaning that I am creative and like tackling new challenges, but also dislike change and can sometimes resist new ideas. This seems accurate as well; I do not myself as a creative person, but I am flexible and open to
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