Reflection Paper On Richard Rodriguez

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For Richard Rodriguez, education both hindered and benefited his life. It changed him in a way that most would consider favorable, but also took a toll on his life at home. Rodriguez let his academic lexicon empower the way he spoke and thought at all times. He wasn’t able to smoothly transition from one way of speaking to the next and instead found himself having difficulty speaking in a more relaxed fashion, the way his family communicated. At a young age, Rodriguez found interest in having a strong academic vocabulary and focused on school work, making it a main priority in his life. Before this fascination regarding education occurred, he would speak the way he was taught by his mother and father. Rodriguez’s parents were Mexican immigrants,…show more content…
I began making my own choices on the way I dressed and presented myself. I began to talk the way I do now and tried figuring out my priorities. For the longest time, the way I would talk in person and the way I would express myself in text had always differed.When I had to present something I would always tend to be nervous and “uhm” or “like” would slip out of my mouth. I would also speak too quickly in order to get the presentation over with. My freshman year of high school, in my World History class, we had an assignment given to us where we had to give a presentation about someone we knew who faced oppression at some point in their life and explain how their human rights were being violated. Our teacher had us peer grade each student and give back comments on how we each could improve. The only suggestions mine had were to speak slower and to not use the term “like” as much. This is something that I struggled with for a while, but eventually overcame. My parents would always point out when I used it and would caution me not to say it as much. To this day, when informally talking with my friends or family, I tend to still say that frequently. There is huge difference in the way that I speak to friends and family compared to the way I discuss educational
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