Reflection Paper On Religion

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Religion is a system describing what beliefs and actions will best serve a supernatural force or deity. To elaborate, “beliefs” in my definition relates to holding the accepted beliefs in a religion regarding metaphysical questions about human purpose, as well as explanations for the existence of life on earth and the existence of a higher power. Regarding “actions” a follower of a religion must practice behaviors intended to serve or bring one closer to the higher power in their specific religion. Along with the previously described beliefs these actions may have first been described in a sacred text, by the founder of a religion, by the current authority figures in a religion, who govern how the religion can best followed and are often…show more content…
This can include how interactions between men, women, children, or elders should occur based on their perceived status. It may also include guidelines for how one should regard the physical world around them and how one should perceive their own place in role in the world.
Hinduism features many aspects of my definition, therefore I consider it to be a religion. It explains the creation of the material world as the doing of one iteration of god, Brahma. It also proposes a purpose in life of following the path of renunciation, until one is no longer reincarnated after death and ascends to heaven. () Hinduism also possesses many sacred texts, such as the Vedas and the Bhagavad Gita, which describe, among many things, the purpose of humanity and the importance of fulfilling your role. (Jayaram)
Hinduism has expectations for worship, as well, with non-communal worship, Nitya, often occurring at home, using a shrine to a god, and placing small offerings to the god. Hindus also practice worship in temples where a “priest” may recite hymns from the vedas.
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