Reflection Paper On Prostitution

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Bennetts, L. (2011, July 18). THE GROWING DEMAND FOR PROSTITUTION. Retrieved March 9, 2016, from
Summary: This article reveals the motives and psychology that is involved with men who participate in the sex industry as well as the pros and cons of the industry as a whole.
Reflection: Although this article is not focused on whether prostitution should be legalized or not, it did give me good background information about the sex industry as a whole. The article features research that is done by professionals who analyze the kinds of men that buy into the industry and what happens to victims who are involved. One part of the article that I think needs more of an explanation or can be debated is the
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I mostly agree with the part of the article that talks about how legalization of brothels and prostitution can ultimately make this part of the industry safer. The article explains that with the legalization of brothels, women and be monitored safely and it prevents those who are buying sex from abusing the sex workers. The article also mentions that there are counties in Nevada that have legal brothels and I think it would beneficial to have a more in depth analysis of how they have had a positive impact in the industry.
“Brothel owners have a clear interest in maintaining their image as law-abiding, trouble-free businesses to keep their licenses and maintain good relations within their communities. The owners we interviewed ensure this by making it policy to call the police at the slightest hint of trouble to send a message that they don’t tolerate bad behavior.”
“Making sex work a crime can drive prostitutes underground and make them less likely to practice safe sex and get tested for sexually transmitted
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