Reflection Paper On Probation

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A moment when I achieved a major goal was the day I received my associate degree. Yet, it was not an easy goal to reach. I was being placed on academic probation at the end of my third semester at Montgomery college and had lost hope of graduating the following semester. It was not until that I decided to get help, work harder and be dedicated to my studies that I overcame this difficult situation. I had told myself that it was not the end of the world, and that I could still get back on track in time to make it to graduation. It worked for me, and it could for all Montgomery students on academic probation too, if they take my case as an example. The big day has come. On a sunny day in the middle of the spring, my siblings and I arrived at the Montgomery college Rockville campus, where the commencement ceremony took place. The campus was filled with a thousand of peoples, siblings, students, futures graduates, faculty members, and more. I have never seen that many people on the campus, even on orientation day when there is not only students and faculty members on the…show more content…
When we got into the large white tent installed on the Athletic field where the ceremony was held, the audience stood up and started to applaud and cheer. The atmosphere was festive, and it made me feel more relaxed and comfortable. In an organized way, we filled the rows and proceeded to the seats reserved for the future graduates. Then, we raised for the faculty procession and remained standing through the conclusion of the national anthem sang by one of the future graduate. It was a very emotional moment, her powerful voice invades the room. We all seated in unison at the end of the national anthem. Then, the first honor guests came up on the stage for his speech. I have never been to a commencement ceremony, but I knew that we would not miss the long speech part. I ended up being right because the speeches took at least one hour or so. Yet, most of the speeches were
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