Reflection Paper On Pacifism

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Throughout my life I never gave too much thought to ethics. I knew it had to do something with making a decision that stands as humane, fair, and just. Never have I known to actually make an ethical decision, I need to actually go through an entire process in order for it turn out as a reliable one. After finishing this project and interacting with my case-study I have come to realize how little knowledge I have on pacifism. A topic I never interacted with in my life. I heard of the term yes, but I never thought of it as something I would ever have to consider when it comes to making an ethical decision. However, the result came down to the fact through my participation and interaction in this project, I gained an improved knowledge of what pacifism exactly stands for and how to better explain it clearly to others through the process of ethical decision making. At the start of the project, one of the first things our group set out to do was to clearly define what all of our key terms defined as and how we viewed them. This piece of the process served with special importance due to the fact it kept all of the group members on the same page. Especially, in terms of what our viewpoint was and how this guided our research throughout the process.…show more content…
Learning it’s not all about the individual and what they think, but working together as a group in order to come to one cohesive decision in terms of what will help the individuals in the case study the most. For in the end of it, we as the ones making the argument will not entirely be affected by the decision, but the vitality remains in remembering the case study and how it frames our argument. As well as considering the fact out there someone may face an ethical dilemma similar to the case study. Making it important to clearly and ethical think through the stance one takes in their

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