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Even though I have known about music therapy for a few years now, I was oblivious to how many different approaches, interventions and theories existed. I knew that there was cognitive, social, emotional, motor and musical aspects to music therapy, but I had not realized how many different ways there were to going about working towards goals. I had not realized that there were titles and names to what different music therapists do and that, despite we all fall under a large umbrella of music therapy, each therapist has their own unique way of doing things. In Clinical Practice 1, we covered eight approaches of music therapy: Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Cognitive Behavioural, Developmental, Nordoff-Robbins, BMGIM, Analytical and Neurological music…show more content…
The humanistic approach resonates with me because I really like the idea of client-centred therapy. Every human being has their own unique wants and needs and I think it is so important as a therapist to be aware of those. It is important to me to see people in their entirety and to try and not judge people solely on what they chose to show you. I want to be able to differentiate between my clients and be sure that their sessions are unique to them so that they can get what they need from me. Cognitive Behavioural music therapy can help with this as there is an active relationship between therapist and client. Each client will have unique thoughts, feelings and behaviours that will sometimes, if not always, will be addressed in sessions. I am also drawn to cognitive behavioural therapy because it is based on the present and is goal oriented. As much as I believe that our past affects our present and our present affects our future, I feel like it is important to focus on the thoughts, feelings and behaviours of the present. The past cannot be changed, and we cannot see the future, but what we do have is access to the present. I want to be able to help my clients live in their present to the best of their abilities. With that said, I also want to be able to help my clients through their present, especially if they have had a rough

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