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Leadership styles are constantly changing and revolving. Since the styles are revolving, the leader has to inspect themselves, and make sure they are changing with the styles. In October, Wallace’s Student Government Association will be hosting an inaugural leadership summit. This summit is designed to advance high school’s seniors’ and juniors’ leadership qualities. This summit will consist of three phenomenal leadership speakers and two activities to help the students’ leadership assets. As being SGA President, I had the privilege to be in charge of the summit. While putting together this summit, it taught me that I needed to work on some of leadership styles to make next year’s summit even better. Conceptual Skill “Conceptual skills…show more content…
After a few schools started signing up, I started to decide that it was alright if only about one hundred students came. Then, more and more schools registered, and we surpassed the one hundred mark. I then decided that there would be no way that two hundred people registered, but I decided to set my goal at two hundred students. On our last day of registering we ended up with one hundred and ninety-five people signed up, but the next day we had another group register and we passed two hundred students. We ended up with two hundred and twenty people. Next year when we have the inaugural leadership summit, I feel like we could have about three hundred and fifty students come. I feel like I can work on my conceptual skills by basing my knowledge off this year’s leadership summit, and plan goals for next year’s…show more content…
They assist the group members to accomplish their goals (p. 75). As a leader, I should be communicating with my followers, and making sure they know what is expected out of them. Also, sometimes I try to do everything myself and not let anyone help me. Soon I will have to ask people for help, because my projects are going to keep getting bigger, and it will be too much for one person. When the time comes that I have to start asking people for help, I will just have to be able to communicate to my followers, so they know exactly how it is supposed to be done. When we were getting ready for the inagrual leadership summit, we had to make name tags, stuff folders, and put the folders in the bags. To do all this stuff, it took me about three days to get everything done. If I would have asked for help from my followers, we could have gotten it done in about a few hours. Next year when we are preparing for the leadership summit I will ask some of my followers to help me, and not just put it all on myself. Contingency

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