Reflection Paper On Lawndale High School

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From time to time we all experience some form of change, whether it’s satisfying, or dissatisfying. Changes can make you or break you. In 2007, I was fifteen years old I had just graduated from Prairie Vista Middle School. Later that day I received a letter stating that I was accepted Lawndale High School. Lawndale High School did not accept all students that applied into their school, you had to go through an interview process and pass their placement tests. My family was very excited for me to attend Lawndale High. I was very proud of myself as well, I had my goals set at Lawndale High, and my teachers were very supportive of my goals as well. However, I was placed into a remedial English class. I made a lot of sacrifices to stay after class, and get ahead to place into a higher English class.…show more content…
My lifelong friend Amber. Amber is funny and misunderstood. I had a wonderful semester at Lawndale not only because I made friends, but because the teachers were very involved with the students, the teachers always took time out to help all their students get onto a college level. Lawndale was like a second home for me, I felt very secure, and joyful. My mother’s job were rejuvenating the building and my mother fell out of the chair backwards and broke her back and injured her neck. My mother got a case, a lawyer and sued the job. The suing process took a while to get all evidence and going back and forth to court. She won the case and the job paid for her medical bills and therapy

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