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Interpersonal communication has taught me a lot of things when it comes to my relationship with my husband. There are three concepts that I would like to address. I would say that attraction, long-term commitment, and saying “I love you.” are the three concepts that plays an important role in my relationship. My looks was what drew me to my husband. I remembered being stopped on the second floor of the library by a gentleman who assumed that I looked like someone he knew from Ghana. I told him that I have never been to Ghana before and if that’s his way of trying to get to know me it is not working. He smiled and introduced himself. After seeing each other couple of times or more in the library, our interaction gradually grew deeper and deeper. He finally told me that there was a girl who looked exactly like me that he was in love with when he was in Ghana. He said he did everything he could to have a relationship with her, but she never give in. Although I did find my husband attractive, I played hard to get for a while and never admitted to him that I was nervous to even say hi to him the first time we met cause of his look and the way he dress.…show more content…
I had been praying five months to God for a lifelong pattern. I didn’t want to keep moving from guys to guys. Fortunately we both had the same intention. He told me out front that if I wanted temporary relationship, I’ve got the wrong one cause that is not what he was looking for. The fact that we both wanted the same thing, after a while together, he was able to propose to my dad along with his uncle for my hand in marriage. My husband traditionally paid my bride priced of $2,000 which went towards the hospital that my dad is building for me in Liberia. Being marry to this gentleman has been a blessing especially when it comes to the love that we both
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