Reflection Paper On Immmokalee Middle School

On March 21, 2016, I had the pleasure of observing Mrs. Weeks at Immokalee Middle School. Immokalee Middle School is located in Collier County. This is a large school of and according to Collier County Public School Website, out of the 1450 students attending the school, about 1179 are Hispanic. Out of the entire population of students attending the middle school, 1407 students are economically needed. It was evident in the school surroundings that the students are facing poverty. One hundred and eighty-eight of the students attending Immokalee Middle School are in the Exceptional Student Education Program. At Immokalee Middle School, ESE students are categorized in three levels of functioning. Mrs. Weeks taught the Level I group of students…show more content…
There was a calendar on the Smart Board and the Mrs. Weeks would ask the students what day of the week it was and they would have to go to the board and point at the answer. It took multiple tries, but after some guidance they were able to get the correct answer. When that was finished the teacher did attendance and then the students all brushed their teeth, combed their hair, made sure their clothes were clean, their face was clean, and they put on deodorant. I found it interesting that the kids followed their hygiene routine at school. The classroom was definitely different than the traditional classroom. One of the students laid on a mat all day with pillows and blankets and would have about 4 to 5 seizures a day. This student just slept and laid down all throughout the school day. Only about four students actually were included and made to listen to the instruction and participate in classroom activities. These students were capable of listening to the instruction only for a short period of time. Mrs. Weeks had lots of breaks throughout her lessons so that students would be able to have a brain break. The flow of the classroom was very slow paced and

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