Reflection Paper On Identity

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EAT, STUDY, LOVE From birth we are faced with experiences and choices that shape our identity. Ones identity is not simply made up of what they believe or their race, but it is also how we chose to live our life and what we are passionate about. With that the multitude of things that can make up a persons identity can really make your head spin. Here I am going to explain how I identify myself as a sister, a student, and an armature chef. I grew up the oldest of four; this meant that I was placed as the example for my younger siblings. When I was younger I thought this was just about the worst thing ever, I felt like it was a lot of pressure to be there for them and do/say the best thing. This lead to a lot of anger and depression for me, those feelings eventually brought me to really hate my role as a sister and a role model. It was not until my parent’s divorce that I really realized just how important the role of being a sister was to my life. After the divorce I could almost instantly see the effect it was having on my younger siblings. I made it my job to try to make everything seem as normal as possible for them. I also started to see…show more content…
My grandfather grew up as a very a troubled teen into young adult life. The stories that he has shared with me could possibly make your jaw drop for days. After a few very hard hits in his life he decided to turn his life around and graduated college with two degrees, one of them being in chemistry that he then went on to obtain is Masters. The determination and outlook I have on my student life was greatly motivated by that man. I identify as a student because I am I very goal oriented learner and am motived by advancements I make. When I am not working to be the ever so studious student that I aim to be I am trying cooking, trying new recipes it is another passion that I let define my
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