Reflection Paper On High School Graduation

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High school graduation is the most significant event of my life because it gave me a sense of completion, it has proved that hard work pays off, and it gave me a greater appreciation for my opportunities. My graduation was held on May 18th, 2015 at South Florida Fairgrounds. The morning of my graduation, my mother made me my favorite breakfast, and we later headed out to my make-up appointment. The end result of my make-up appointment was stunning, and as a bonus, I got it done for free. When I got home, I saw a bouquet of orchids with a note attached, from my dad. He congratulated me on my graduation and apologized for not being able to make it. I later left for graduation. Upon my arrival, I saw all my friends and teachers and thought everyone looked remarkable. Eventually, the ceremony began. The ceremony was not very long, but it was memorable. It was a proud moment for all the graduates and an emotional moment for me and my family. The ceremony was the icing on the cake of my entire day. The valedictorian and guest speakers gave inspirational speeches…show more content…
Because I left so abruptly, I never got a chance to obtain my high school transcript. I ended up having to continue high school in the U.S without any record of my previous education. With roughly seven months before graduation and several failed attempts to get my transcript, my guidance counselor decided that it was time for me to start retaking classes online and taking the required exams. I went from going to school seven to eight hours to eleven hours every day. At this point, I had no social life. I had sleepless nights and at times felt overwhelmed. Most people who knew my story (even though they encouraged me) doubted that I would be able to finish in time. They said I had plenty of work to do in such a small time frame. Through all of this, I never gave up. I had too much at stake. I wanted to make my mother proud. I wanted to be able to say I

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