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I felt like a dinosaur as I watched “Generation Like”. I like to talk to my friends and hangout with them but social media was never my thing; I do not use social media a lot. As I was talking with my Brian about the documentary I told him that I had never experience anything described in the documentary like thinking over profile pictures or wanting people to like my posts. He told me that Generation Like might be a thing when he was in middle school but it shouldn’t describe our generation. I agree with him but I have little experience with social media to prove my case. I never had a strong bond with social media in general so I feel that my opinion on Generation Like is skewed. In general, I don’t see the need to put yourself in the public.…show more content…
In Generation Like the popular social media of that time was Facebook and Twitter for the Millennials, so I asked Brian what social media platform people are using today. Brian told me that Snapchat and Instagram are the new popular social apps in this generation. I had to agree with him because of all the evidence around me. Although I didn’t really use social media much, when entering college, checking snapchatting and using Instagram is a daily habit for me now. Thinking back, I am shocked how social media took over my life so fast and changed the way I interact with my peers. It immediately became a habit for me to check my phone for Snapchat or my friends Instagram post. Personally, I feel that generation like is a bit exaggerated when they address our generations obsession on the social media. However, I agree the core message of the documentary that our generation is heavily dependent on social…show more content…
Being a consumer, it disturbs me that companies would use us to advertise their products for free. Although I feel that this type of advertising is very shady, I think it is a very strategic way to advertise in the world of social media. Today everything from a post on Facebook to a video on YouTube is a way to advertise. The Internet has provided companies the perfect hunting ground to get consumers. Our dependence on technology leaves us helplessly trapped in this intricate snare of advertisements and our only worth to some of these companies are our money and data we give them. As a consumer, myself, seeing all these advertisements have made me numb to the fact that companies are trying to get our attention. Many of times I, myself fall prey to the ever-hungry advertisement disguised as friendly questionnaires or giveaways. I think companies are smart to see the potential in advertisement on the Internet but it is shuttering how they manipulate us and the sheer number of adverts we see a

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