Reflection Paper On Gender Roles

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All throughout our lives society makes us think about our gender roles. It is the first classification we are put in as a human being, even before birth. Pregnant mothers visit their doctors to find out the sex of the baby. Once known, it is common for parents to paint and buy clothes of pink or blue according to the sex of the baby. We as humans, are born into our gender. I, being born a female, have conformed to my gender role. Starting as a young girl, I enjoyed playing with barbies, Bratz dolls, fake jewelry, polly pockets, dressing up and playing house. I had danced all my life, loving to dress up in the costumes, wear the tutus to practice, the glitter that went with the recital and all the show makeup. The majority of my items I owned back then, were pink or princess related. I was considered your typical “girly girl” and even to this day, I still am considered a “typical girl.” However, unlike the average girl, I have departed in the typical gender roles in that I am not fond of wearing dresses or skirts. For instance, as most girls dress nicely for classes and as the weather gets nicer, I am…show more content…
It was an aggressive sport, but I enjoyed playing it no matter the injuries I faced from it over the years. I played it for four years both seasonally and off season. I endured the painful bruises, welts and broken bones I encountered throughout playing the sport. However, my dance teacher did not care for her dancers to engage in sports as it was a risk for injury and would take us out of dance. As dancers we are to be graceful and take care of our bodies. Something as reckless as playing an aggressive sport was frowned upon. Even though my dance coach disapproved of me playing field hockey, I continued to play it anyway. It was a sport I enjoyed and I made sure it did not interfere with my dancing. If I became injured from field hockey, I still attended dance class and caught up as soon as I was