Reflection Paper On Ethnography

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As we go about our daily lives, we may catch ourselves looking at others, unconsciously inferring what it is they are doing, and or may have previously done. For those that are unaware, this is essentially considered ethnography, the analysis of a culture or society, typically based on the observation of a participant(s) resulting in a written account of a people place or institution. (Definition taken from the Glossary of Terms written by Simon Coleman and Bob Simpson). I conducted an ethnography study in which I sat at a nearby Starbucks and watched as people interacted which each other as well as their environment. In this study I found some pretty expected occurrences, I noted behaviors that one may not pay attention to in everyday life. This further drawing me to the understanding that everyday life is much deeper than the surface. Everyone interacts with their surroundings differently. Located in Barnes and Noble, this…show more content…
In the moment, I thought nothing of the group of women. However, in hindsight I can address the subtle notice of the woman that glanced at me as I took a seat. I was a newcomer to the environment, something had changed, and she noticed it. Although the woman carried on with her conversation, I can’t help but wonder whether or not she inferred something about my persona, or my need for being there. I assume she did, considering I often do the same. I would have liked to watch how they interacted which each other and further carried conversation, but I seemed to have arrived about thirty minutes too late. Looking across the room, I noticed a man with a woman whom I assume is his significant other, laughing as they engage in a conversation. He sits sideways in the chair, while the woman sits straight, as she leans her arms on the table. Funnily, I am easily distracted as I skim the room, spotting a

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