Reflection Paper On Entrepreneurial Thinking

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1. List and discuss the 4 most important lessons that you have learned about entrepreneurial thinking this semester in this class. Describe why you find these lessons important and how this knowledge has impacted you. Use specific examples from our class – readings, videos, discussions, activities, etc. Don’t forget to elaborate on your thoughts as you fully discuss your ideas and opinions. (Long answer – multiple paragraphs The lesson on success and not giving up was one of the most important things I learned about entrepreneurial thinking in this class. This lesson really impacted me because it showed me that even people we consider extremely successful today were told they could not do it and failed multiple times before their success.…show more content…
Learning about the different types helped me better understand them and made working with group members with such different personalities easier. Realizing that everyone is different, thinks in different ways, and learns in different ways is important and makes working together a lot less challenging. Having different personality types is beneficial because it lets you look at things from different perspectives and viewpoints. This lesson was also interesting because I didn’t know what my own Myer’s Briggs personality type was before. I learned that I am INFJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging). Knowing my own personality type also helped me see why I act certain ways and prefer certain things. We also learned about Type A and Type B personalities. I’m still not sure which one I am because I think I fall more in between the two. Type A individuals are more time conscious, competitive, aggressive, drive themselves with deadlines, and get stressed easily. Type B individuals are more relaxed, patient, and easy-going. My group in this class had some members who were very Type B and some who were very Type A. It was interesting how this worked because they balanced each other out in a way. The people who got very stressed with deadlines and wanted to get everything done in advance (Type A) were helpful in keeping us on track. Those who…show more content…
I love my job here and wouldn’t want to work somewhere else right now. This company created bright blue tubes filled with bags that they place on beaches. These can be used to pick up trash on the beach. When visitors come to the beach they can bring their old plastic bags and fill the BlueTubes. I’m passionate about helping the environment, which is why I like working here. The role I play is more on the public relations side. I run BlueTube’s social media accounts, help create content to put out there, and help address any issues with the press. I like this role because I enjoy the creative side (content creation for social media) and I think it’s fun interacting with our followers. 5. In relation to EI 201 this semester, what accomplishment are you the most proud of? Why? What (if anything) do you wish that you had done differently? Why? (Short answer – a few sentences to a paragraph) I am proud of myself for picking team members that I didn’t previously know before this class. I had friends in this class but chose not to work with them because we learned that this is usually not the best idea. I’m proud of myself for going out of my comfort zone and introducing myself to new people and meeting a team to work with. If I were to change anything/done things differently I would have been a little tougher on certain team members. Sometimes people would get very controlling or slack off

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