Reflection Paper On English 101

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Throughout English 101 we have written several discussion boards, replied to others writing, and essays. Thinking back on the class I have liked some of what I wrote and some I feel like I could not quite grasp how to write it. I had several hopes coming into this class. I have never felt like I was a good writer or a strong writer. Both of those are reasons as to why I decided to be apart of the Freshman Academic Seminar. What I had hoped to accomplish in this class was a better idea of what a “good writer” is. However, I do not believe that I personally have achieved that, but I do believe that being in English 101 has started to help me grow as a writer. English 101 has showed me that having less guidelines and more freedom really allows…show more content…
In my memoir I discussed the passing of my uncle. I mentioned “[how my] life could change from one minute to the next” (Questions left unanswered 1). This memoir has helped me grow more as person than a writer. Being able to express myself in writing like this was unlike anything I have ever written. My hopes for essay number one were to be able to get my thoughts on the paper and really let go of what I have held onto for so long. Personally, I feel like I accomplished everything out of this essay that I wanted too. Yeah, there could be better grammar or I could have said something differently. But to me, this memoir was perfect. Not perfect grammar, but it perfectly reflects how I felt in that situation. I had mentioned “It never comes at the right time if there is even a “right” time” (Questions left unanswered 2). To me this sentence represents how I felt when I found out what had happened to my uncle. However, to some they might just see that the sentence should read “It never comes at the right time, if there is even a “right” time” (Questions left unanswered). To me, the comma does not take away from the…show more content…
I chose to write about Madeline Bell. Throughout this profile, I believe I had more of an educational growth. Writing this paper, I struggled to grasp what the concept of a “profile” was for the longest time. Through this piece I really learned how to take an interview and use it directly relate it to myself. I believe that is what a profile is really about. In a paragraph about Madeline I state that “Rather than resting on her laurels and being content with the impact she has already made, Madeline decided to make herself accessible to any developing professional” (Madeline Bell 3). Being able to compare myself to Madeline by stating that “While I could have easily just focused on my own swimming throughout high school, I decided instead to take a job teaching others how to swim” (Madeline Bell 3). It took my awhile to figure out the connection between Madeline and I. However, the connection was there all along. We both care. Throughout writing this essay I believe that I really learned how to compare and contrast two pieces. This growth prepares me for what is next, because now I believe that I will be able to write an actual research paper. Coming from high school, we wrote one research paper. Coming into college, I still did not have an in depth knowledge of what a research paper was. This profile has helped show me that a research paper is just taking sources and
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