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On November 12 I attended the Emotional intelligence presentation at the Communiversity in Queen Creek. The speaker that night was Diana Creel Elarde, she a psychology professor at the Chandler-Gilbert Community College also the Founder of Emerging Insight. Ms. Elarde has 25 years in technology sales and management. Ms. Elarde is a Xerox Global imaging Leader, as also the speaker and author were she addresses both development of business and personal areas. The presentation was aimed towards someone that’s in the business world. This presentation was great for the business students which most of the audience were. The topic of the night was Emotional intelligence and the two parts of the brain. The primitive and cognitive parts, the primitive part is what we use for our first response and cognitive part is what we use to sound more appropriate. The challenged response is the fight or…show more content…
The fight is the poorly managed emotions that are used to response, on the other hand the flight is you can remain stable throughout a great deal of stress. Ms. Elarde also spoke about 4 core skills such as self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. These skills help when dealing with work related stresses and managing emotions. The future of the workplace was a subtopic that Ms. Elarde mentioned in her presentation. What is to be expected needs of the workplace. The two were a friendlier workplace that employees feel comfortable in and the other is flexibility for employees. Most employees rather not make more money, but to have more time off to spend with their families. Employees seek a life balance than more money status. The value of the Emotional intelligences is vital to the workplace. A high EI employee is more open, creates

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