Reflection Paper On Death

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Introduction Paper When most think about death and the after life they suddenly become shaken. Is death painful? Is it scary? Is there like after death? Are we truly at peace? What happens to our soul? Those who believe that God is our creator they seem to be less frightened about the idea of death. Socrates on the other hand was never once frightened about the idea of death. Throughout the Apology, one is able to clearly analyze Socrates’ view on death and the soul. The Apology is the actual speech delivered by Socrates during his death trial. In the Athenian jury system, an "apology" is composed of three parts: a speech, followed by a counter-assessment, then some final words. 'Apologia ' in Greek means defense and not regretting anything. The speech was Socrates defending himself at the trial. Socrates argument is that death should be a joyous time, especially for philosophers. Socrates claimed when we die, our souls remain alive and are simply released from the body in which they were being held in on Earth. Thus, Socrates further emphasizes his idea that when someone dies their body is harmed, but their soul leaves the body unharmed and lives on in peace for eternity. I will be using the Apology to explore Socrates’ journey to the sole belief that death is a cure for life.…show more content…
I will divide it into three parts: In the first part I will discuss Socrate’s life and background. In the second part I will focus Socrates’ beliefs about death. In the third part I will focus on the idea of the soul. My main questions will be: Why is death such an important idea for Socrates in Philosophy and what is his relationship to death? Throughout the paper I will address important questions like: Should we be afraid of death? Is it considered to be a joyous time? What happens to our soul after life? Finally in my conclusion, I will present my closing remarks and personal opinion about this
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