Reflection Paper On Communication With Parents

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As a teacher, I believe it is very important to communicate with parents. Building a rapport and communicating with parents helps to support all the work done in the classroom. I am writing this paper to share my communication experience with a family members of a student that has Autism. His parents are very involved in his well being at school and my cooperating teacher, his paraprofessional and myself have good rapport with his parents. One method of communication utilized included direct face-to-face conversation in the morning with his father and in the afternoon with his father or grandmother. The child’s mother does not come to the school, but she is still actively involved with his progress and behavior in school each day through other methods. I worked cooperatively with the teacher and paraprofessional to communicate with her through the child’s parent communication notebook, text messages and telephone calls. In addition, when his…show more content…
They are not only concerned about his behavior, even though it is very important to them due to his disability, but they were concerned about his academics as well. Each morning when his father drops him off, he would tell him, “you are going to have a good day today”. Additionally, he would speak to his paraprofessional, the teacher and myself about his behavior in the morning, his lunch and anything else of concern. His father helped us to plan our day better and to plan his schedule. Each day he has his own schedule which includes different breaks. This motivated him to control his behavior and participate in class activities. Also, during the morning or evening conversations with his father, we also kept him informed of school events, notes for his mother in his communication notebook, flyers or school event information in his
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