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Stop to Take International Students as “Cash Cows”
Reflection Paper-David Eby’s Talk at Green College
Wen Shen
University of British Columbia
STU ID: 99354145
I watched the David Eby’s talk at Green College on YouTube. Eby started his talk with the assumption that the role of BC universities is “to provide opportunities for BC residents to be educated and have access to researches as well as the international ideas.” His talk was primarily focused on the financial issues the BC students and universities are facing. He stated that because of the limited financial resources/aid, BC students are financially burdened during the process of perusing education' class='brand-secondary'>higher education. Finance becomes one of the major reasons for college/university students to
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It sounded very offensive when he mentioned about Cash Cows. Therefore, in my paper, I wish to extend Eby’s idea one step further. Let’s assume the role of universities is “to provide opportunities for everyone to be educated and have access to researches as well as the international ideas.” I think this is also a profound aim for higher education. Therefore, according to Fenstermacher’s (2000) idea, I will set this notion as a “North Star” for universities. In the following paper, I will use information provided during Eby’s talk and ideas we learnt throughout the course to examine how treating international students like “Cash Cows” will not fulfill or even antagonize the “North…show more content…
However, with the funding cut, money has become the main issue for many higher education institutes. It is understandable for higher education institutes to turn their eyes on international students. However, I keep wondering how far can the international tuition help with the increasing financial need of the higher education institutes? I believe government should acting on increase funding since the financial issue has become a burden for higher education institutes to peruse the aim of education.
Besides continue to cut expenses and seek money from international students, I believe higher education institutes should create dialogue with government. Colleges/universities can use the power of media to give government more pressure. Students are the future of our society, provide education available to every students or residents is top priority for government and higher education institutes. If higher education cannot be properly funded in BC or Canada, how BC or Canada economically and scientifically stay strong in the future? Meanwhile, colleges/universities should consider how to allocate the limited resource (money) they have. Do they really need the fancy building or invest on the future asset for our future

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