Reflection Paper On Being An International Student

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Being an international student was challenging and full of excitement. Challenging in a sense that I studied in a foreign land in a totally new environment, interacted with foreign tutors and met and grouped with different nationalities. The six months of hard work to finished the seven taught papers was rewarding and fulfilling, especially when I received the much-awaited grades for each paper. Full of excitement because I have met many friends not only Filipino friends but friends of different nationalities. And it was amasing. Living, learning and making friends in a new country is a great experience of my life.
The very first day when I arrived at the International House for the orientation, I felt nervous because I was thinking of the
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This served as a guideline for me in order to finish the requirements for each paper. Moreover, the assessment that was being sent to students was beneficial. From this assessment, I was able to know what areas I need to improve on and what section I am lacking something.
I think that everything in the course was useful as I was able to integrate all the learnings from the taught papers in my dissertation. But is it more beneficial for students who do not have any background in business, especially in accounting part to have small meetings, so that they will be more able to understand the subject well. Because I know that Finance paper, requires and needing much effort to understand it thoroughly.
Completing the taught paper and dissertation was a fulfilling job and all the learning that I obtained will be used in my future plans. As a student and having a desire to be an entrepreneur, the theory that was taught and application in the business was a considerable knowledge to establish a business. It also enlightens me in each part of my dissertation on how to cope in every section of my business plan. Each part will have a huge contribution to the success of the business and it is very important that I need to address every single part so that I will be
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